Contact Center Solutions Team

Our simplified engagement provides you with on-demand access to our team of experienced contact center engineers.

Services include:

• Call routing and reporting design, development and support.
• Custom database extracts and optimizations.
• Integrating new technologies.
• Software application upgrades.

Customer Experience Testing & Monitoring

GlobalNet helps its customers achieve success by enabling them to rapidly innovate in the customer experience lifecycle so that they achieve better outcomes while minimizing the risk of change, dramatically reducing the cost of testing, and reliably delivering precisely the experience they’ve designed. Most organizations strive for success with customer experience, and GlobalNet is committed to helping every single organization that believes the experience it provides to its customers and prospective customers can separate them from the competition.

Continuous, end-to-end monitoring of availability and performance in your production environment

You’ve invested considerable time and effort designing a superior customer experience at your customer care centers. You’ve tested and re-tested to make sure everything works exactly the way it should. You’ve run a successful pilot. Now you’ve deployed into production, and you can rest easy knowing your voice application and contact center are actually delivering the experience you intended. Right?

With GlobalNet powered by Cyara, the answer is a resounding yes. The Cyara solution continuously monitors availability and performance of your contact center from the outside in, including IVR, chat, email and call recording; from a customer’s perspective. If there is any variance between what you designed and what customers are experiencing, you know about it instantly — by email, SMS or mobile interface — so you can make any needed adjustments before customers are impacted.

Deliver precisely the customer experience you’ve designed, even at your busiest

The customer experience delivered by the call center is critical to the success of the business. But delivering a consistent experience that satisfies the expectations of your customers requires the coordination of complex communications technologies. Most companies employ a combination of new and legacy technologies. It’s a significant challenge to build and integrate contact center applications and infrastructure – and it is a bigger challenge to maintain and adapt the experience to keep pace with customer expectations.

When one piece falters, the customer experience typically suffers. And when the customer suffers, the company suffers.

GlobalNet's Automated Testing and Monitoring powered by Cyara, allows organizations to automatically and completely test enhancements to the inbound voice experience across the entire technology stack, from IVR to IP telephony platform, to CTI, agent desktop, and even callback and voice recording technologies. In addition, the Cyara Platform supports the entire testing lifecycle – from functional testing to load testing to regression testing and production monitoring – all to ensure the customer experience is precisely as it was designed.

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